At Last, My Own Blog!

Beth SobiloffWhile I’ve been faithfully blogging for some of my clients, I’ve neglected my own blog!  So, here goes.  I’m planning on blogging about the Internet, and how business owners can use it to grow their businesses.  I might go off on an occasional tangent with other topics, but hopefully they’ll all be either educational or fun.  I’m not promising that I won’t go off on a rant once in awhile.

Stay tuned for more…

1 thought on “At Last, My Own Blog!”

  1. Good Morning!

    Today is April 27, 2022 – I have interest in the date of your first BLOG post, Beth, much interest.

    August 29, 2011 was an important day in my life. But for now, allow me to invite you and Deb to North Andover when you have time to share culture, history and Peace through the poetic word.

    Let me know dates that work for you both to come to the Valley of the Poets. Bing, Google, Yahoo Karen M. Kline with either North Andover or poetry to see why this is the Valley of the Poets.

    Shalom, Karen (Happy last week of National Poetry Month — go to for more)

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