Time to Make the Marketing Plan

marketing planHappy New Year!  2013 is here.  Have you set your goals for 2013?  Yes, I’m purposely avoiding the word “resolution” because we’re not talking about something you’re going to break in 6 weeks, we’re talking about the things you really want to achieve in your business this year, and then setting about making a plan to reach those goals.

I typically get a number of new clients in the early months of the year because they have thought about their goals and created a marketing plan to achieve their financial and sales goals for the year.  They realize that they need to update their website, make it mobile-ready, start a Facebook fan page, or do something else online.  I love to see that!

What about you?  Have you created a marketing plan for the year and budgeted for all of the marketing you’re planning on doing?

The good news with online marketing is that you can do a lot with very little money.  The trade-off, though, is often your time.  You can do your own blogging and posting in social media, or you can pay someone to do it.  Some people actually love to write, and will take on those tasks themselves.  As long as you don’t get bogged down and spend hours on Facebook or tweeting, you’re ok.

However, I’ve always been a big “E-myth” fan.  Figure out the organizational chart of your company and plug in the names of the people who hold those positions.  Look at the positions you are holding.  Which ones are you holding that might be done better by someone else, freeing up your time to do what you do the best, or that no one else can do?  Like the bookkeeping!  Chances are someone else can do that better than you can.

The same goes for marketing activities.  Just because you can do the blogging, social media, and maintaining your website, doesn’t mean you should!

So if you’re stuck and aren’t sure what should be included in your marketing plan for 2013, give me a call.  I can help you with that.  We can discuss a strategy, prioritize marketing activities, match the plan to your marketing budget, and then decide who’s going to do what.

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and prosporous new year.

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